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Gijinka!Sawsbuck x Reader: Not Alone Anymore
You smiled as you sat in the forest, drawing various pokemon that wandered by or were friendly enough to get close to you. One of them was a male Sawsbuck. He was gentle and friendly, so he’d lie in the grass beside you and watch you draw.
“You’re so sweet” you giggled as Sawsbuck leaned its antlers covered in autumn foliage over your head to provide you with shade from the sun.
You finished sketching the Deerling group in front of you and smiled. You stood and brushed the leaves and grass from your clothes and smiled at your friend.
“I have to leave now, but I’ll be back again” you chirped as Sawsbuck nodded its head and watched you walk down the path back towards your home.
~Sawsbuck’s POV~
I was sad to watch the human girl, (y/n), leave the forest. I wanted her to stay. I enjoyed her company over any other Pokémon’s. I was alone again. I trotted through the forest and gazed at the other pokemon who had family and friends. I
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 140 19
[Smaug x Reader] Heart (Part 1)
My family had always been poor. My parents, my grandparents, my grandparents' parents and so on. Generation for generation, my family suffered from poverty and hunger. When I was younger my parents had told me the story of our ancestors who had angered one of the mightiest magical creatures, its name had been long forgotten, and got cursed by it. Every member of my family constantly lost their job, house and money for the most ridiculous reasons.
My grandfather's house had burned down because of a shard of glass that reflected the sunlight so that it lit up they hay in his barn, my aunt lost her job as a bartender because everyone nearby suddenly decided to never drink alcohol again, my cousin had to close his barber shop because he broke both his hands when a horse trampled over them while he was trying to pick up the keys that he dropped. Ever since that fated day he is unable to move his fingers properly.
Just a few days ago our newest home in Laketown disappeared in the depths of t
:iconmycrushisananimeboy:MyCrushIsAnAnimeBoy 65 9
Hiccup X Short!Reader
You were a loved person on Berk and had many friends that supported you. Life really couldn't be better for you, for you had a lovely scarlet red Monstrous Nightmare - which you called Flicker.
You got along with most people; Astrid was your best friend, Snotlout and Fishlegs were trying to fight for your attention as well as Ruffnut's attention, you loved talking with Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and Hiccup was like a brother to you yet he was the most handsome viking on Berk.
There was just one small problem.
Well, I say small.
You were short.
You were a lot shorter than the other girls your age. It was embarrassing. You weren't small as in an imp, but you were just shorter.
You felt extremely insecure about your height.
Pretty much every girl apart from Astrid and Ruffnut would make fun of you. They would purposely make you reach for things off of high shelves and then not help you. They gave you a nickname too: 'Lil' Miss Small'
There were four girls who would mostly do this to do: the wor
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 573 168
Research Smaug x Elf!Reader Chap. 1
Research Smaug the Dragon x Elf!Reader
~~Disclaimer: I do not own lord of the rings, or the hobbit. I am simply a passionate fan who believes Smaug needs a little more love~~
    You are a young elf, a distant relative of the royal family. Your parents want you to become a healer, but what you want to do is research dragons. This career choice is looked down upon and you are seen as an outcast. 
   One day, you're reading one of the few books on dragons you own, when you hear chatter outside your chamber. By the tone of voice, it must be guards. You listen more closely when you hear more gruff voices that aren't elven, from what you've heard they sound almost dwarfish. When the group has passed your room you sneak out. Something bumps into you, you can't see it until suddenly theres a hobbit, sitting on the floor in front of you. 
    "Shh! p-please don't call the guards!" The hobbit begs. You hadn't plan to anyway, this was the most fun you
:iconlovinglifejapan:lovinglifejapan 103 8
Time (Ninth Doctor X Reader)
You ran as fast as your feet would carry you, __h/c__ hair flying behind you as you did so. The sound of feet slapping the concrete echoed throughout the hallway, Adam a few feet ahead of you. You could hear the Dalek getting closer, “Terminate” now mixing in with your frantic running. You at last reached the door, Adam slipping under it, you reaching it moments later, just as the metal slid shut.
“__y/n__, where are you? Did you make it?” The Doctor asked anxiously from the cell phone clutched tightly in your hand. You didn’t answer for a moment, resting your body against the cool metal door, sighing deeply.
“Sorry…I was a bit slow.” You mumbled, moving the cell phone up to your ear.
“It wasn’t your fault, remember that, okay? It wasn’t your fault.” You said softly, hearing the Dalek move right behind you.
The Doctor tore the earpiece from his ear as he heard “Exterminate”, throwing it
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 201 62
9th Doctor X Reader: Forgiveness
“Exterminate! Exterminate!”
Those bone-chilling words rang through your head as the water rushed out of the shower head.
The Doctor and you had just finished your adventure in Utah, in the underground museum/lab of a Mr. Van Statten. It was there that you accidentally touched the Dalek they held captive there, making it stronger.
“This is all your fault!”
Despite the fact that the Doctor told you that it was an accident, you could not get Adam’s accusation out of your head. You were almost considering asking the Doctor if he could join the two of you on your journey. But after the Doctor found out that he said that, that idea went out the window.
“The Daleks destroyed my home, my people! I’ve got nothing left!”
You knew that the Doctor deserved every right to be angry. His home was gone and that giant pepper-pot was to blame. But, you couldn't help but blame yourself for awakening that thing and- well, you WERE the on
:iconstar-trekker-13:Star-Trekker-13 108 40
Fortune Telling Cup by Xelistroll Fortune Telling Cup :iconxelistroll:Xelistroll 64 7 Doctor Mew by nna Doctor Mew :iconnna:nna 745 58
Forever 4th!9th Doctor x Reader
  It had been years since he left you. Back then you were just a girl of 18 only just fresh out of high school. What adventures the two of you had, you and your Doctor. He plucked you off the streets with his blue box and silly scarf. It had only taken one day, one adventure, for you to fall head over heels in love with him. He was quirky, funny, caring, protective, and just a little bit crazy. You never knew what he was going to do next.  The two of you were inseparable for a few years and had many other companions come and go, but you always remained. That is until one day you came a bit too close to losing your head.
The Daleks were on their way to being forced back off the planet you were on, only problem was they wanted to take you with them. You were trapped in a force field mini jail cell as they were dragging to toward their shi
:iconeddyslilsis:eddyslilsis 95 41
.:Stasis Chamber:. Tenth Doctor x Reader One-shot
That was all. Forty-two minutes and nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
You were trapped. Trapped on a cargo spaceship whose engines had failed. You, the crew; everyone on board was doomed. You were careening into a boiling sun with only forty-two minutes to spare. But you weren't worried.
You had him.
The Oncoming Storm.
The last of the Time Lords.
The Doctor.
"______?" He called out your name in that familiar accent, snapping you out of your trance. "Bring the TARDIS key!"
"Why?" You responded. That key had been your security blanke
:iconfernkitty2:FernKitty2 593 156
Protector| Nightmare!Foxy x Child!Reader
'Where is everyone?' You wondered as you checked the closet and hallways to find..nothing. 
It was just 2 AM and they barely ever showed up, so maybe they spared you? Maybe now they got bored? There was really nothing else for you to do..but sleep. That did sound nice-

Your eyes widened as you heard the front door open up. Guess you could forget all about sleeping. But were your parents back so soon from their trip? You weren't too sure-
"Helloooo?......heh, no one here..guess it's easy pickin''s for me tonight!"
To your horror, there was a complete stranger in your house. You shut the door lightning fast and climbed onto your bed, clutching your Freddy plushie tight to your chest.
"What was that? Is anybody home?" The man called out. You put a hand over your mouth, trying your best to not make a sound despite the tears welling in your eyes. You've seen the news: Robberies, home invasions, and just bad men in general were the central topic o
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 563 127
Faceless!Human!Bonnie x Reader. I can fix you.
~~~~~~(Y/N)'s PoV~~~~~~
I walked into the "New and Improved, Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria!" and sighed. I took the night shift like the idiot I am. (Srry, I dont mean it, just play along) I walked down to my office and started flipping through the cams, not paying much attention to the phone. I clicked on the cam to Parts and Service and gasped. The old guys?! I thought. I looked at them. I heard a noise in the vents and saw Toy Bonnie. I pulled the fazbear head down and waited for him to leave. (Yes Toy Bonnie is a boy, its said on the FNaF Wiki) I spent the rest of the night checking cams, putting the mask down, and winding up the box.
(Time skip to tomorrow night)
I brought a large suitcase with parts to the pizzeria tonight. Instead of going into my office, i went right to parts and service. I turned on the light and looked at the poor animatronics. They all looked over at me as i walked over. I set down the case and popped it open. Freddy got up and walked towards me. He grabbe
:iconpikachu-jenna:Pikachu-Jenna 235 362
Heartbeat - Human!Nightmare x Reader
Strange. That was how Nightmare would describe the way you made him feel in one word. You weren't anything special, you were like everyone else, who met him, and avoided him at all cost. But, during the day, where he watched you from a distance, but how far he was didn't matter, since he wasn't even visible during the day, he got to know somethings about you.
Again, you weren't anything special, just an ordinary girl who became the newest player of a very dangerous game. You got along with your parents, had a fair amount of friends and a fair amount of rivals and enemies. You weren't exactly gorgeous, but you weren't ugly either. You also weren't very strong, but not weak either.
You were flawed. Not perfect in the slightest. So, why were you making Nightmare, out of anybody in the whole universe, feel so strange?
One night, when it was his turn to try and get you all by himself, he noticed Nightmare Chica, was looking at Nightmare Bonnie, as if she was in her own little world, with a
:iconanimechick2000:Animechick2000 85 28
New Approach by Lopoddity New Approach :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 3,360 256 TF2 Fusion- Medic and Sniper by MadJesters1 TF2 Fusion- Medic and Sniper :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 633 234 A really evil Spy but a really good dad by PyrotheWolfdog A really evil Spy but a really good dad :iconpyrothewolfdog:PyrotheWolfdog 383 53




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His my name is ///////////cəņşørəđ//////// I wouldn't give my name to a site on the Internet, whether in the name box or not.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and tell anyone who actually gave a second glance to this page something to do.

My name is DystopianDweeb. You can call me DD or Dweeb, simply for the sake of not typing out that huge name.

I love to draw, so I wanted to get better at doing it electronically. I am... decent on paper, but I never have been able to properly use the tools to do it digitally. (This means any tips anyone has, I beg you for them)

I know I'm not anything special, but I figured if I had people seeing something on this page every so often, I might have more determination to succeed.

Thank you for reading this far if you did.


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