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Fox and Apple by DystopianDweeb Fox and Apple :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Last Guardian Fan Art by DystopianDweeb Last Guardian Fan Art :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 SharkMaid 2 by DystopianDweeb SharkMaid 2 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Grandma by DystopianDweeb Grandma :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 5  by DystopianDweeb Felizia 5 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 4 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 4 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Felizia 3 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 3 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Foxes by DystopianDweeb Foxes :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Hippotaur by DystopianDweeb Hippotaur :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 2 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 2 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Halloween Girl by DystopianDweeb Halloween Girl :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Felizia by DystopianDweeb Felizia :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 SharkMaid sort of by DystopianDweeb SharkMaid sort of :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Untitled by DystopianDweeb Untitled :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Goose Bat! by DystopianDweeb Goose Bat! :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Alice in Wonderland, sort of by DystopianDweeb Alice in Wonderland, sort of :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 2 0


Don't Leave Sollux x reader
Remaining silent, you sit there. Of course you could hear him...but that didn’t mean you would answer. You’re not exactly in the mood to talk.
You’ve lived on Alternia for 2 sweeps now. Rooming with your as of lately, new matesprit, Sollux Captor. You love him, but GOG can he piss you off. Like right now...
“Sollux would you PLEATHE get off your damn computer for a minute?!”
“Not now [Name] I thtill have to finithh thith one code”
"And when exactly will it be done?! You've been on that thing nonstop for 3 days!" Pinching the bridge of his nose he glares at you.
“[Name] we've been together for what? 2 months? Get uthe to it, it'th what I fucking do!”
“You didn't do it before! Maybe an all nighter here and there but not 72 hours straight!” Giving you nothing but an irritated sigh you continue. But this time not angry but sad.
“Don't you get
:iconsignlessvantas69:SignlessVantas69 970 159
Mature content
catch me | sollux + eridan :iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 69 33
Homestuck Guys x Wild!Reader {Intro}
Your name is ______ _______, and rightfully as the title claims, you are WILD. Not like seemingly mad, batty, insane, or reckless. You are wild, as in raised in the fucking forest kind of wild. You were basically dropped off on the side of the road by some shit parents that were too irresponsible to raise a baby and was taken in by a pack of wolves that raised you as their own. All you have as clothing is pelts of the dead animals you've hunted throughout the years. You are about 18 years old at this point? Anyway.
Currently you are captivated by these odd beings. You've heard about humans from the wolves that raised you, but you've never seen them up close. There's 10 of them, and you think they're all males. You see them all hiking up a mountain to what you think is a campsite, and you know the wolf you call a mother would maul you to death if you even set foot in a campsite. Let alone stalking human males.
They reach the campsite and you hide in one of the near by bushes. They
:iconangelbeats2335:Angelbeats2335 75 21
2p!SharkMan! X AquariumWorker!Reader
Puppiluvr sent me a link to the pic on tumblr and asked that i wrote this! Puppiluvr im so so so sorry if you dont like this!
 Today was the day you started your job at the new aquarium in town and you couldn't be happier! You absolutely loved sea-animals, but if you had to choose favorites it would have to be Sharks! Those amazing Apex animals had grabbed your heart when you read about them. You even did your freshman year speech on them! Throwing on your uniform, which consisted of a white t-shirt that read ' I <3 Sharks ' (you were working at the shark tanks!) and a pair of jeans , running out the door you grabbed your keys and threw on your blue converse. As you walked into the aquarium your superior came up to you and gave you your jobs for the day. ' feed the sharks, wipe the hand prints off the glass and at the end of the day mop infront of the tank! okay! This is gonna be easy!' you thought
 As the day came to an end you headed
:iconmulticoloredscenecat:MultiColoredSceneCat 23 4
Rain~ Invader Zim X Reader - One Shot
       Here you sit in Mrs. Bitters class, listening to Dib and Zim talk back to one another, again.
       "Stop denying it Zim, I know you are an alien," Dib stated while crossing his arms over his chest.
       "I am not an alien Dib. I am a human! Must we go over this every time we meet?!" Zim said, waving his arms around.
       "I will expose your true identity Zim! It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but I swear I will one day!" Dib yelled while walking back to his seat, one desk over from Zim's. You happen to be in the middle of the two, again.
       "Dib! Knock it off! If you actually want to graduate, I suggest you pay attention to this stupid text book that will get you no-where in life!" Mrs. Bitters screeched throughout the classroom. Thus, the boring day continues.
       The bell rang, signaling that the horrible school day ended. All the sko
:icondeadharmony1010:DeadHarmony1010 193 85
Abe Sapien x Reader: Shark in the Water

I just adore Abe Sapien!! I think he's so cute!! The song is Shark in the Water by VV Brown, and here’s the mermaid outfit ref
Sometimes I get my head in a dilly
Feeling so lost, ticking you off
Now boy you know me well, said I'm that kind of feeling
That kind of soft, that kind of silly
You were working as the mermaid in the special limited time exhibit in the New York Aquarium. You were fit into a tail, seashell bra and hooked up to a bunch of fancy tubes so it looked like you were breathing under water. The trick was to not open your mouth.
But when I'm in doubt
I open my mouth
And words come out
Words come out like

They even added webbs between your fingers, gills on your neck and fin-like ears. At eigh
:iconmaddymew:maddymew 75 32
Ellie Sundae SW M/f by EllieMarina Ellie Sundae SW M/f :iconelliemarina:EllieMarina 64 43
Tf2 Heavy x Mute! Reader
   Heavy x Mute! Reader
   You had been on the (RED/BLU) team for about a year now. Your class name is Signal, your real name is ________. You wear a (red/blu) short sleeve v-neck, black shorts that go to your knees, a promise neckless with a purple stone, and work boots. You are 5”2 the same height as Engineer, your have pale (s/c), almond shaped (e/c) eyes, and long (h/c) coloured hair that's shaved on the right side.
   Ever since you had been on the team you had had a thing for the Heavy. To you, he seemed like a giant sweat-hearted teddy bear. Though you were short you didn’t feel intimidated by him. Being the height of the Engineer, the Scout would use it as an advantage when you’d be reaching for something on a higher shelf. You have a sweet attitude when it comes to the whole team. But if any of the team makes fun of your inability to speak you go psycho on them and then hide in your room.
   You were in your room hiding
:iconninjasharkgames:NinjaSharkGames 16 4
Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff
:bulletpink: Sirius x Reader x Remus: Cuddle Fluff :bulletpink:

(Full name) was being squished to death. . .  Completely cuddled and suffocated to the point of injury by the fluffiest pile of floof she had ever seen . . .  and yet she found herself unable to push the source of her demise away.
“P-Paddy,” she huffed as she used all of the strength in her upper arms to try and move the squishy fluff from her face. “M-Moony, g-guys. . . CAN’T BREATHE!!!”
As (F/n) was completely swallowed by the mountain of fur she gasped her last gulp of fresh air, afraid she would indeed be smothered beyond repair. But quite quickly the two cuddle-monsters began to let up, and a cold-wet nose snuffled against the young woman’s cheek. For a second (F/n) thought that she’d be crushed as the two creatures shifted on either side of her, but almost as soon as the thought came to her it quickly disappeared. For the pressure of the intense floof once m
:icontarnisis:Tarnisis 326 35
Severus Snape X Student!Reader: Closer
Key:  (F/n) = First name, (L/n) = Last name, (E/c) = Eye colour, (H/c) = Hair colour. (H/n) = House name, eg Gryffindor, Ravenclaw etc.
In the weeks that followed, (F/n) and Severus Snape trained together. Well, more he trained her. Even though the black clad professor taught her the Dark Arts anyway, the tutoring did not stop. After a few sessions, she had conquered Expecto Patronum, but still asked to further expand her knowledge. Snape had agreed to fully take the (H/n) student under his wing (or cloak?) to help her become her best.
They had grown considerably closer as a result. No longer was Snape as cold as he was before, towards (F/n), at least. They were now on a first name basis outside of the classroom, but (F/n) still resorted to calling him ‘Senpai’, and he welcomed it warmly now.  Even in class, Snape was considerably nice to her than the other students. She didn’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed about that.
The other students had begun
:iconvampire-minded:Vampire-Minded 63 24
Animation - WELCOME by FloatingMegane-san Animation - WELCOME :iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 2,798 227 Jellybots - Jump by nicholaskole Jellybots - Jump :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 2,183 55
Water troubles (Gabriel x reader)
Water troubles (Gabriel x reader)
You liked water on most occasions but not when it came to a hunt cause it was the hardest to work in. You were hunting with the Winchester’s for about the 200th time since you’d first met them on another hunt you’d been on, that’s also when you met him. That playful, funny, quirky archangel known as Gabriel whom you fell in love with from the second you’d met him. You and the archangel wasted no time getting together after that first meeting, going together for months now with the archangel glued to your every move. The hunt was a kappa family that had already drowned several people at a lake meaning water would definitely be involved at some point on this little venture, your favourite substance on hunts. At some point the Kappa split you off from the others including Gabriel running to a dock where you gave chase till it jumped into the water off the end of the dock.
“Damn!” You cursed under your breath as yo
:icondrade666:drade666 401 39
Take care of you (Gabriel x reader)
Take care of you (Gabriel x reader)
Your house was pretty nice for a hunter’s but then again you weren’t really a hunter per say, you were more like a go to person for information. You never hunted truly instead you usually just got calls for information then passed it on once you got a little payment in return plus you had a day job that you worked at the library. Along your many travels for information you ended up bumping into a rather enthusiastic archangel named Gabriel who ever since then made it his duty to annoy you by dropping in randomly or placing notes for stuff you were looking for in your inbox at work, stuff like that. You weren’t dense he obviously liked you but you weren’t sure if you liked him yet especially seeing as how much of a nuisance he kept making out of himself but he was good looking plus I mean come on archangel. You got lost in your thoughts about the blonde archangel while relaxing on the couch flipping through some crappy TV when
:icondrade666:drade666 423 28
Last Memory (MichaelXReader)
You laughed as you ran around heavens garden hiding behind the fountain as you heard footsteps approaching.
“(Y/n)?” Michael called with a graceful smile on his handsome face. You stayed still as he spread out his 6 golden wings disappearing. You smiled and stood up before a pair of arms wrapped themselves around your waist. You giggle as Michael pulls you to the ground to sit with him. You sit between his legs as he kissed up your shoulder to your neck where he nipped at the skin there. Michael curls his wings around you both in an affectionate matter making you smile. You nuzzled into his chest but pulled away when you both saw Lucifer and Gabriel walk towards you.
“What?” Michael asks annoyed at his younger brothers.
“I’m sorry are we interrupting something?” Lucifer smirked at you both.
“Yes you are now what do you want?”
“Father has requested to see you Michael” Gabriel said wearing his regular smile.
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 160 28
Lucifer x Reader - Request
"Dad, really, it's no big deal. I'll probably ditch him when we move again," __________ said, trying not to sound too pleading. "Really, you don't have to meet him. It's-"
"We won't be moving for a while," her mother cut in. "Not until the werewolves are gone. And he sounds fine, just bring him over for dinner tonight, won't you?"
Her father glared at her from across the room. "He better come looking good, and acting good or may the Devil have sympathy for him."
___________ coughed to hide her laughter. "I'll let him know."
She biked over to the park as quickly as she could, eager to see the one boy she loved the most. She saw him resting on a bench tapping his fingers along the green, peeling paint, and she promptly plopped down. He smirked at her.
"Look who's-"
"You're coming over for dinner," she interrupted. 
He swallowed. "What now?" 
"My parents want to see you, or I can't see you anymore. Which would you rather?" she asked. Lucifer rolled his eyes.
"This is fun."
"I kn
:iconsigynsfanlit:sigynsfanlit 181 48




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9 deviations
Last Guardian Fan Art
This was recent, but fur has never been my strong point and since I get colors easily confused some days, the ears and horns were off color, but I had fun drawing it!
SharkMaid 2
I again decided to redraw an older character and added a few details, but kept others. IDK when. Sorry.
Early-Ish December when I was playing with styles I had thought about my grandma's cookies and how bright holidays seemed when I was a kid.
His my name is ///////////cəņşørəđ//////// I wouldn't give my name to a site on the Internet, whether in the name box or not.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and tell anyone who actually gave a second glance to this page something to do.

My name is DystopianDweeb. You can call me DD or Dweeb, simply for the sake of not typing out that huge name.

I love to draw, so I wanted to get better at doing it electronically. I am... decent on paper, but I never have been able to properly use the tools to do it digitally. (This means any tips anyone has, I beg you for them)

I know I'm not anything special, but I figured if I had people seeing something on this page every so often, I might have more determination to succeed.

Thank you for reading this far if you did.


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