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Returning the Favor
A faint shaking of the pillow disturbed Sylvia's dreamless sleep. She sighed deeply and rolled over beneath her blanket, her eyes fluttering. She was hardly startled by the movement, seeing as used to it by then. After all, she couldn't expected Jon to be still as a statue all through the night. His natural shifting roused her from sleep from time to time, but only for a moment. She doubted she would even remember it in the morning.
Except this time, Jon didn't settle back down. He shook the bed again, the rocking sensation accompanied by a hiss of protest from him.
Frowning, Sylvia groggily forced her eyes to stay open as she turned back toward him, stretching her wings out on the cool surface of the pillow behind her. She gave a start at how illuminated Jon's large, slumbering face was. Someone had left one of the lamps on by the television.
"Jon?" She propped herself up, giving him a concerned once-over.
He was asleep, no doubt about it, but his eyebrows were knitted with distress.
:iconkimstaticchild:kimstaticchild 17 4
HetaliaxAbused!Child!Reader: Japan Part 1
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, a bit of swearing, a bit of Yao and Alfred squealing, and a bit of childhood depression symptoms mentioned.
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug your hand deep into the bag. Near the bottom. And you pulled out a . . . stick . . . Oh, but it had a pretty pink flower at the end of it! The color was beautiful. You only ever saw such a thing by looking through a dirt-stained window in your home, out at the people walking by. Or maybe on the TV.
The same black-haired man as before grew wide-eyed.
The blonde man holding the bag looked around. “Who put zhis in zhe bag?”
“U-uh,” The other man, Kiku, said. “It’s mine. Cherry blossom is mine. I’m ah, Kiku Honda. You may call me Kiku, little one.”
“Vell zhen,” The same blonde said after a moment, “Everyone, take your zhings. Und ve meet again in France in two months.”
“So long, suckers!” A girly-lookin
:iconsideshow-cellophane:Sideshow-Cellophane 87 88
Crowley x Dragon!Reader
You are a Dragon, the last of your kind. A fierce opponent, wise and ancient, you've prevailed when the rest of your brethren have not;
And it sucked.
Once upon a time you had family everywhere, pick of the mortals, and treasures galore. When suddenly in the late 1900's you found yourself alone and endangered. Your specie's numbers had been dwindling and now they were all gone. All except you.
You were still powerful and wise, and to be honest you'd never minded the mortals much. If anything you found them entertaining. But they weren't very good company for someone who was old back when Lincoln was in diapers.
You'd managed to stay pretty safe over the years, avoiding conflict, and specifically hunters. Though just recently you'd nearly gotten yourself skinned when you ran into the two infamous Winchester's. Admittedly you'd underestimated them, but managed to escape at the last second when they randomly started fighting like two angsty teenaged girls. Talk about relationship p
:iconnikkaliah:Nikkaliah 135 19
Winchesters x Tourrettes!Reader: You can do it
A/N: This is a request that I received the person who requested it would like to remain anonymous. The requested was detailed on her kind of tourrets because it can manifest in many different forms. Some of the vocal tics were included in the request as well as some of the phrases, I did so quite a bit of research for this and I hope it okay.
Posting this to raised awareness of Tourette’s syndrome.
Tourettes syndrome is a neurological condition that affects only ten percent of the population and I am one of that ten percent. My symptoms started to present themselves when I was only five years old it started with a simple clicking sound that I made with my tongue but I couldn’t stop it I just had to do it. As time went on I started to develop more symptoms; hand clapping, making squeaky noises and so on. My parents were baffled and after two long years I was finally diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at the age of seven.  
Now I’m twenty five y
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 41 3
Dean x Deaf!Reader: Don't turn off the light
A/N: Italics - sign language.
Dean who was now fluent in Sign language might he add had spent quite frankly the best six months of his life with you. It was like living in one massive chick flick but he loved it; since last month you’d officially (kinda-almost) moved into his room. You were still getting used to the change in dynamics with Dean after being friends for years it was a big step to a relationship and Dean was glad for the slow pace. Everything was fantastic the pace was fitting and was helping you ease into the whole ‘relationship’ scene. Dean wasn’t your first but it was by far the best he didn’t see your lack of hearing to be a curse or a disability he treated you like an adult rather than a child.
Now that Dean was fluent in sign language made your relationship a hell of alot easier, now you didn’t have write if you needed anything, well apart from Cas but he’d been taking lessons from Sam and when he showed up one day to s
:iconispiritual:iSpiritual 120 7
plush!outertale!sans x reader x plush!ot!gaster
You looked out of your bedroom window, looking up at the sky. You smiled as you noticed a few stars out tonight. well, it was only the late evening/early night. You grabbed your two plushies, Sans and Gaster, as well as a blanket for the three of you, and walked outside. You knew that they liked the stars, since they did originally live up in space. Plus they told you themselves. how exactly? well, they have another form, that isn't their plush form, but they still have the stitches on them.. so they aren't exactly their real form either. You simply call it their "normal" forms.
You walked up the hill that stood by your house, carrying the two plushies in your arms. knowing Sans, he was most likely asleep, and Gaster was just being very quiet. You got to the top of the hill and set the blanket, which was simple mix of blue, yellow, and purple, and sat down. You set Sans and Gaster on either side of you. and with that, two lights, one blue and the other purple, surrounded the area aroun
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 41 8
Gaster x Reader
Reader P.O.V
You looked up from the warm coffee in your previously cold hands. He was always there. Monsters had been released from the Underground less then 7 months ago. Being a polite person in nature, you welcomed these strange new beings when others did not. You gaze drifted to the monster sitting in the corner writing something down, every now and then taking a sip of his drink. He wore a black turtle-neck sweater with dark grey pants and black shoes. Dark casual.
He was a skeleton, but he had no nasal hole...No nose. He had two cracks in his skull. One came down from the top of his skull and into his right eye. The other come down from the bottom of his left eye and into his mouth.  because of the crack in his right eye, it was half lidded to the point of almost being closed. You sighed and took a long sip of your coffee. You weren't just polite, you were smart too.
You knew he probably sat in the back because it was less noisy and he could get more of whatever he was doing
:icontoffeetops:ToffeeTops 36 18
Gaster x Reader Part 2
I know this was only gonna be a one shot, but, some people asked for a second one. Maybe a series if you guys want? So here you guys go! This is set the day after the last one. Also, Sans and Papyrus are not related to Gaster.
Reader P.O.V
You shrugged your favorite jacket and trudged towards the open door. You grabbed your earbuds on the way out and plugged them into your phone. You went out the door and into the arctic winds. You turned around and locked the door behind you. You zipped up your jacket and popped the earbuds in. One of your favorite songs came on. Discord. You mouthed the lyrics to yourself, on the way to the coffee shop.
I'm not a fan of puppeteers, but I've a nagging fear, someone else is pulling at the strings.
Something terrible is going down, through the entire town, wreaking anarchy and all that it brings.
I can't sit idly, no I can't move at all.
I'd curse the name, the one behind it all.
Discord. I'm howling at the moon, and sleeping in the middle of a summer a
:icontoffeetops:ToffeeTops 12 10
Gaster x Reader part 3
Here! It's a bit late but better late then never right?
Reader P.O.V
-Hello, is this (y/n)?
You stared at the text. You had fallen off the lounge when you saw who had texted. Gaster. Gaster had texted you. You probably should've figured that he would text, you did give him your number after all. You couldn't be that one awkward person. You had to text back at all costs. This is a matter of life and death. If you say the wrong thing, he might not like you, think you're a creep, never talk to you again or get the wrong idea. On the other hand, if you said the right thing, he'd probably like you a bit more.
Biting your lip, you paced around the lounge. What to send, what to send? Deciding, you tapped in the words and looked away while pressing the send button.
-Yup! That's me!
You were such a dork. Who says 'yup' ???!??!??! Oh, golly oh gosh he's  gonna freak out oh god. You threw your phone onto the couch and went to the kitchen to get something to drown out your sorrow. After makin
:icontoffeetops:ToffeeTops 17 15
Grillby X |sick, fem|Reader
Grillby’s POV
The door opened and I saw (y/n) walk in all bundled up. She was a cute girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and perfectly (e/c) eyes. Snowdin was fairly cold and now that she was living in the snowy town she stopped in almost as frequently as Sans. All the regulars were here minus the punny skeleton. It was always nice to see the (y/n) and I found myself somewhat upset when I didn’t get to see her.
She shivered as she came and sat at the counter. “Hey Grillby!” Her voice was sweet and she had a soft smile.
“Hey (y/n). What can I get for you?”
“Can I get an order of fries?”
“Sure thing coming right up.” As I was turning to leave she shivered again. “You ok?” I turned back to look at her. She cheeks were a little pink. It was either a blush or from the cold outside.
She smiled. “Yeah just still a little cold I guess.” She paused before she gave me a wink and said “But it sure is hot when you
:iconweirdly-attractive:Weirdly-Attractive 95 28
Owen GradyXSpinosaurus reader pt 1
Owen Grady X Spinosaurus!reader
(Y/N) - your name
(E/C) - eye colour
(S/C) - skin colour
(AN: just to warn you there may be a few spoilers in this about the movie since I literally just watched it today, also a Spinosaurus is the main monster from Jurassic park 3 so if you don't know what it is just watch this clip -->: .Alright lets get this started!)
I don't remember much about how I came into this world other than I was born in this same dreary concrete enclosure I stalk around everyday and my only form of entertainment is when it's time to eat which involves easily finding some stupid small goat and ripping the thing to shreds in front of hundreds of these tiny creatures called 'humans'. Ha what a pathetic name. Oh you don't know who I am? I'm (Y/N) the 'Spinosaurus'  as they called me who lives to do nothing but sit here....bored.( -.-') I don't get it why am i always get stuck in this stupid place
:iconlarkieandkitsu:LarkieAndKitsu 247 30
Male!Merida/Faerie!Reader - Faerie Tale

Male♂Merida/Reader one-shot - Faerie Tale 

(Merida - Meridd) 
"Faster, Angus!" Meridd yelled out as he ushered forwards his horse to go faster through the vast woodland forest. Angus leaned forwards and picked up his speed and the two now appearing to look like a black and orange blur through the woods where Meridd usually practiced his archery by himself. Meridd took up his bow and arrow and pointed at a tree in the distance as the rode on. Sticking his tongue out to side as he concentrated, he shot out the arrow that wisp through the air and hit targeted tree dead on. "Yes! Got it!" He grinned at his small victory and began shooting off more arrows at more trees in the distance, he never missed one shot. "Too easy!" He laughed in triumph and began tugging on the reins to slow down Angus down to a trot. 
Taking a deep breath of the crisp natural air of the outdoors, he ran a hand large calloused hand through hi
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 727 60
Just a Video Game? ch. 1

Pairing: Deadpool x Reader
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Contains suspense and Deadpool's annoying talks.
Listening to multiple Maroon 5 songs is such an emotional thing while writing this, otl. Especially since I have ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’ album, pff.

The rain against the window fell down and ran, droplets racing each other like race cars. The moon was covered by the dark clouds in the night sky, it wasn’t a storm just a light shower. The faint glow from a laptop reflected off (e/c) colored eyes, ones that had bags under them and were constantly rubbed, making them strained and red. I groaned, why was I up this late? College. I had to take online classes, due to my insomnia and I would be late for the real thing if I went to the local campus. I was up late again studying for a test, and I could feel the need to sleep nagging at me. I sighed, shutting my laptop closed and ran a hand through my
:iconshidaria:Shidaria 297 69
(Bruce/Hulk x Reader) Happy New Year, Brucey-Bear
Bruce Banner/Hulk x Reader
Happy New Year, Brucey-Bear

A/N: Well. This is still sort of a continuation of the ‘Brucey-bear’ series. If you have not read the two before this, links are in the description. Just know that Bruce has a crush on the Reader, and she calls him “Brucey-bear” though the other Avengers do not know this.
It was New Year’s Eve and all was quiet in the Avengers Tower lab. Bruce sighed happily to himself. Very few things in life were a comfort to him: one of which was a lab to himself, a piping hot cup of tea, and hearing her whisper ‘Brucey-bear’ in his ear while giving him one of her warm hugs.
Bruce smiled at thinking of (Y/n). He hadn’t seen her today for his hug, but he knew it was coming. And he was very much looking forward to it.
He felt like his world was shrouded in darkness, especially with a foreboding sense of doom that the ‘Other Guy’ might make an appearance. But in that dark
:iconprincessoflabyrinth:PrincessofLabyrinth 152 34
SmileDog x Wolf!Reader: With a Whimper {One-Shot}
                                                                                       *BANG* *BANG*
                                                                                          ~Your POV~
    You yelped as bullets grazed your body as you ran. '$^%& poachers.' You thought sourly. (A/N Ah. If only this was a 2P!Canada x Reader insert.) You howled as you ran faster across the grass field. 'I
:iconthe-mistic-soldier:The-Mistic-Soldier 249 103
Moth Wings II :iconangelarizza:AngelaRizza 490 26




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5 deviations
Last Guardian Fan Art
This was recent, but fur has never been my strong point and since I get colors easily confused some days, the ears and horns were off color, but I had fun drawing it!
SharkMaid 2
I again decided to redraw an older character and added a few details, but kept others. IDK when. Sorry.
Early-Ish December when I was playing with styles I had thought about my grandma's cookies and how bright holidays seemed when I was a kid.
His my name is ///////////cəņşørəđ//////// I wouldn't give my name to a site on the Internet, whether in the name box or not.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and tell anyone who actually gave a second glance to this page something to do.

My name is DystopianDweeb. You can call me DD or Dweeb, simply for the sake of not typing out that huge name.

I love to draw, so I wanted to get better at doing it electronically. I am... decent on paper, but I never have been able to properly use the tools to do it digitally. (This means any tips anyone has, I beg you for them)

I know I'm not anything special, but I figured if I had people seeing something on this page every so often, I might have more determination to succeed.

Thank you for reading this far if you did.


DystopianDweeb's Profile Picture
United States
I love just about everything related to fantasy and folklore. But I want to use uploading art online as a way to better track my ability to draw.


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