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Fox and Apple by DystopianDweeb Fox and Apple :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Last Guardian Fan Art by DystopianDweeb Last Guardian Fan Art :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 SharkMaid 2 by DystopianDweeb SharkMaid 2 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Grandma by DystopianDweeb Grandma :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 5  by DystopianDweeb Felizia 5 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 4 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 4 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Felizia 3 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 3 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Foxes by DystopianDweeb Foxes :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Hippotaur by DystopianDweeb Hippotaur :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 1 0 Felizia 2 by DystopianDweeb Felizia 2 :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Halloween Girl by DystopianDweeb Halloween Girl :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Felizia by DystopianDweeb Felizia :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 SharkMaid sort of by DystopianDweeb SharkMaid sort of :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Untitled by DystopianDweeb Untitled :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Goose Bat! by DystopianDweeb Goose Bat! :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 0 0 Alice in Wonderland, sort of by DystopianDweeb Alice in Wonderland, sort of :icondystopiandweeb:DystopianDweeb 2 0


Peaches: Goblin King!EnglandXReader
He was the Goblin King. One night you had gone to a party with friends. What you didn't know until the last moment was that Fae had gone to the party as well. You had the Sight. You saw them the instant that they walked in front of you. In horror you had reeled away from them, particularly the striking green eyes that watched you like a hawk. However, you had to act naturally so they didn't realize that you were able to See them. Your friends had long since left you without telling but you went to the snack table, finding a peach. So you ate it, mindlessly, then waving off the fear that was coursing through you. Fae were known for nasty little tricks. But what you didn't know was that you just fell for one. You had eaten the food of the Underground.
For Eve, it was an apple.
For Persephone, it was a pomegranate.
And for you, it was a peach.
You dreams were now becoming haunted by green – green eyes in particular. Just when you were beginning to forget about Seeing the Fe
:iconkita-kudai:kita-kudai 251 243
Curiosity (England x Fairy!Reader x Scotland)
You were warned about the humans.
Repeatedly, in fact.
But you just can't help yourself.
The truth is, humans totally fascinated you.
From their clothes, houses, weird machines and the way they went about their everyday was an endless source of interest to you and your fellow fae. Older fairies kept telling you that, as interesting as they may be, humans were to be treated with caution. Fairies might have magic, but humans have traps and are clever, especially if they see something they want. You are no match against these mysterious giants. You've always found this rather strange- not many humans can even see fairies, after all.
The only human that you know of that can see fairies is Arthur Kirkland.
You like Arthur. Not only does he have the Sight, but he's always incredibly friendly and polite to any winged guests that come by his house. You know he has regular fairies that follow him around wherever he goes, but they are a little more powerful than you are, and rather mo
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 364 35
The Seahorse! EridanXReader
You were doing your regular rounds about the aquarium, making sure no assholes were disturbing the fish or banging on the glass. The zoo's aquarium was older than itself; they began to expand once they realised how popular the aquarium was and it turned into a zoo from there. Unlike all the fancy exhibits within the zoo with all the interactive learning centres, the aquarium was very simple but pretty in its own way. It had tanks that were filled with tropical fish but the only thing with words were the small panels nailed to the bottom which displayed the pictures and names of different species within the tank. This made it a great place to react and you could see people just chilling on the benches; taking a rest from the chaotic noise outside. You entered a particular part of the aquarium where the seahorses, cuttlefish and pufferfish were kept and you were surprised to see that it was empty. Well, emptying. People were slowly making their way out of the aquarium, shooting glares or
:iconsnowcornsnake:snowCornsnake 119 76
Karkar x Reader x Dave Better Off Without You
Rant, rant, rant. That’s what your friend was doing. That’s what he always did but you listened. This person was Karkat Vantas. He’s been your best friend since the second week of middle school. You were both in community college now and always talked between classes or at least you try.
“He’s such an idiot! And after all this he thinks he can just come to me for advice! He doesn’t deserve my help. Hey are you even listening to me?”
“Yes Karkat, I am listening.”
“What was I talking about?”
“Eridan’s an idiot and blew off your help again and since his plan back fired he’s come back for more advice but you don’t think he deserves it anymore and aren’t going to give it to him.”
Karkat pause. You were listening.
“Oh well, um, yeah. I guess you were fucking listening.”
“I always listen, Karkat.”
Oh Karkat was grumpy, and ranty, and sometimes frustrating but you loved
:iconthefoggylondonview:TheFoggyLondonView 99 33
Unusual events (Pirate!America X mermaid!reader)
Usually the day started off with me waking up to the utterly annoying sounds of my younger sister being hyperactive, I would reluctantly get up, and act grumpy for a while, before I got ready for the day and ate some breakfast. After that I would go to school, or work, like so many others, only to return home a few hours before dinner.
The thing is, though, that’s how my day usually goes, this day was a little different, well, a lot different.
The day had started with me getting woken up by my hyperactive, and very annoying sister, and the rest of the morning had been quite normal after that too. It wasn’t before the afternoon came around and I was on my way home, enjoying the sight of the beautifully green seaweeds, that something very unusual happened.
I guess, to some extent, it was my own fault, it was me who had decided that I wanted to go up to the surface and enjoy the sun for a while. It was me who hadn’t been careful enough
:iconjgry:JGry 59 36
His Name (11th Doctor x Reader x TARDIS)
Even traveling with the Doctor, you needed your alone time. Of course, you were never really alone. You figured that out sooner than most of his companions.
For reasons that neither you nor the Doctor understood, TARDIS was particularly fond of you. She seemed to like you more than most of his companions, and she would occasionally interact with you when you had wondered off to explore her endless hallways. She showed you things that, in their own way, were every bit as fascinating as the adventures you shared with the Doctor.
Today was one of those rare lazy days in the TARDIS. The Doctor was still a bit burnt out from your recent run-in with some Cybermen, during which he had come uncomfortably close to losing you. He had decided to take a much needed break and sleep, something he very rarely did.
You had slept for several hours (the concepts of day and night were basically lost inside the TARDIS) and had taken a shower to refresh yourself. You felt energized, but in a lazy, comforta
:iconescapeeverything:escapeEverything 129 24
THIS is why I worry for people... by toonlink682 THIS is why I worry for people... :icontoonlink682:toonlink682 290 777 Words by TheFunnyAmerican Words :iconthefunnyamerican:TheFunnyAmerican 287 38 Plugs by TheFunnyAmerican Plugs :iconthefunnyamerican:TheFunnyAmerican 160 49
Grillby X Reader |My soul poured out for you
Author's note: There is a brief description of verbal and physical abuse. If you are uncomfortable with that please do not read.
I ran my fingers through the water. It was nice. It was cool but not cold. I sighed and I hugged my knees to my chest. The underground was small but Waterfall was a little more private. It was so calming and peaceful here. Unlike what had just happened.
I put my head between my knees and rocked a bit. I was still shaking on the inside. I was a little embarrassed but I was mostly afraid. I was afraid of what my new friends are thinking about me and afraid of the memories. I still had nightmares even though I have been living peacefully in the Underground for over three years.
I shook my head and stood up. I started walking towards Undyne’s house. I knew she wasn’t home, she was at Sans and Papyrus’ house. They were having a party. That’s where it happened. It was raining so I wrapped my arms around myself feeling the rain soaking throug
:iconweirdly-attractive:Weirdly-Attractive 115 36
Eurasian Magpie by callupish Eurasian Magpie :iconcallupish:callupish 268 7 No More Rolling by YAMsgarden No More Rolling :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 1,922 130 [256] Barricade by mcptato [256] Barricade :iconmcptato:mcptato 1,288 15 Link Zora by BlackOwlE Link Zora :iconblackowle:BlackOwlE 90 17
The best medicine- Eridan x Sick!Reader (Request)
Coughing harshly, you let out a groan of pain, your body aching as you struggled to find the energy to move from your spot of the sofa.
Three days…you’d been stuck like this for three days, too tired to leave your home, and too sore to keep making the climb to your bedroom upstairs.
Yes, you’d been camping out in your living room, and yes, you had heard all the annoying chimes coming from your computer upstairs- but it’s not like you were in any condition to go up there just for the sake of answering whoever it was.
Clenching your tired (e/c) eyes shut, you burrowed further into the cushions, your blanket almost swallowing your form as you nestled into it.
You were supposed to sleep illnesses off, right?
Well, sleep did sound awful nice right now…
“(Y/N)! I knoww you’re in there, don’t fuckin ignore me!” You awoke seemingly hours later to a harsh knock on your front door, the accented voice outside a
:iconsakura-days:sakura-days 121 12
Seven Years - Armin x Reader
Leaning against a nearby tree you saw the wall ahead of you. You grunted and held your side. Seven years... Seven goddamned years, since you had fallen from your horse while retreating a Titan with your squad, you had rolled along the ground and fallen down a steep hill in the forest. Lying unconscious in the undergrowth. You had woken up, injured but alive. The deep gash you had gotten on your thigh that day had long healed, leaving an ugly silvery scar. You had traveled for a long time, never on a straight route for the wall, you couldn't that's where the titans where. You had had so many scraps with death, nearly noticed by titans.
Finally you were nearly home there was just one problem. The only way to get to the wall was to go out into the open. You hadn't been in the open in seven years, you had found safely in the thick cover of the forest, you didn't want to leave its safety. Even though the war was over... Even though 95% of the Titan population had been wiped out (this was th
:iconrilletta:Rilletta 252 28




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9 deviations
Last Guardian Fan Art
This was recent, but fur has never been my strong point and since I get colors easily confused some days, the ears and horns were off color, but I had fun drawing it!
SharkMaid 2
I again decided to redraw an older character and added a few details, but kept others. IDK when. Sorry.
Early-Ish December when I was playing with styles I had thought about my grandma's cookies and how bright holidays seemed when I was a kid.
His my name is ///////////cəņşørəđ//////// I wouldn't give my name to a site on the Internet, whether in the name box or not.

Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself and tell anyone who actually gave a second glance to this page something to do.

My name is DystopianDweeb. You can call me DD or Dweeb, simply for the sake of not typing out that huge name.

I love to draw, so I wanted to get better at doing it electronically. I am... decent on paper, but I never have been able to properly use the tools to do it digitally. (This means any tips anyone has, I beg you for them)

I know I'm not anything special, but I figured if I had people seeing something on this page every so often, I might have more determination to succeed.

Thank you for reading this far if you did.


DystopianDweeb's Profile Picture
United States
I love just about everything related to fantasy and folklore. But I want to use uploading art online as a way to better track my ability to draw.


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